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What is The Levite Line ?

The Levite Line is an organization dedicated to reestablishing the Levitical/Aaronic priesthood, as originally outlined in the Biblical books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  The Levite Line is dedicated to the reunification of the House of Israel (also known as the House of Joseph) with the House of Judah, as one united people.  This reunification centers upon organizing the Levite's (descendants of Levi) and Aaronites (descendants of Aaron, Moses' brother), who are willing to participate, from amongst all of the tribes of Israel and Judah.

While you see a Star of David on the flag, and shirt of this flag; and while you see a cross on the flag and shirt (click on Shirts or Flags under Categories to see the shirts or the flags), be assured this is neither a Jewish, nor a Christian organization.  Aspects and symbols of both, or of one or the other religion, may or may not be incorporated into this organization.  Aspects of other faiths, such as Islam and Mormonism, may also be incorporated into our structure and belief system.

You are now able to order these shirts and flags to both wear and display.  These items will assist you in displaying your belief in God's plan to unite all His people under one banner.  This banner recognizes key symbols of our history, and brings them together, as they must ultimately be.  So don't wait for someone else to take a stand.  Don't wait for other people to make a bold and necessary statement.  It is ultimately up to you.  If not now, when?

The proceeds from the sale of these shirts and these flags will go towards the ultimate creation of "Towns for the Levite's" as God commanded.  Of course large sums of money will be needed for this project to eventually be realized.  This flag and shirt however, begin to sow the seeds of this idea, that has languished and has not been successfully established for all these centuries, since Moses, a Levite, received the first five books of the Bible, from God. 

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