What is The Levite Line ?

The Levite Line is an organization that seeks to establish ALL that God laid out in the four books of the Bible which follow the Book of Genesis.  The Levite Line is independent of any of the current organized religions.  The Levite Line acknowledges all religions.  The Levite Line acknowledges truth and wisdom wherever it is unearthed.

While our  ancestors were given this task, over 3,000 years ago, they have not succeeded in securing ALL that is necessary to make God's covenant with the Tribe of Levi, and hence all the tribes and people of Israel, successful.    Therein lies the goal of The Levite Line.  In case there is any doubt, The Levite Line does not limit itself to the modern nation of Israel.  Also to clarify, The Levite Line is not limited to any one particular religious belief system, nor to any one particular religious view on any subject.  The Levite Line encourages an open-minded, non-prejudgmental view of any text considered "sacred” by any group of people or any individual.

The ultimate service and goal of The Levite Line is service to God, as laid out in the Biblical books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  Therefore the money for the purchase of any items goes towards this ultimate cause of service to God. Some of you may think, 'Why should I support Israel, when I live in America?'  The Levite Line is founded here in the United States.  The Israel you see represented on this flag and shirt represents all the people of Israel.

In and around 722 B.C.E. (3038 on the Hebrew calendar) the majority of the ten tribes of the House of Israel were, according to the apocryphal book: II Esdras (Ezra) 13:39-40 "carried away from their own land into captivity...they were carried off to another country."  The present-day nation of Israel consists predominantly of the House of Judah, or the Jews.  The Levite Line is dedicated to all of Israel, not solely one tribe, or house.

The Levite Line believes that it is here in the "New World" that God plans for His people (and any other supportive believers) to build the New Jerusalem.  Information regarding the New Jerusalem is available in the Book of Mormon and other compendium documents of the Mormon community.  If the New Jerusalem can be successfully built and established, then your money will certainly remain and be needed here in America.

The Levite Line should become similar to the Roman Catholic Church's worldwide presence.  The Levites were to receive separate towns, according to the Biblical books mentioned above, similar to monasteries.  In these towns the necessary provisions can be raised, for the annual sacrifices, as specified in the Bible, along with other necessary provisions of the Biblical Law.

While donations for this cause are necessary, we also need for people to sign on their support and allegiance for this cause.  A page on www.TheLeviteLine.com has been created for people to sign on and show their support.  You are now also able to offer your tithing, as directed in Deuteronomy 14:27-29 and Deuteronomy 26:12-13 as well as in other passages of these initial Biblical books.  Simply click on the link to offer your tithing to The Levite Line.  This will truly assist in establishing God's Kingdom in this world.

The Levite Line is currently registered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit religious organization in California.  Therefore donations would be tax deductible for all Californians on their state taxes.  Shortly we will receive 501(c)(3) not-for-profit religious status nationwide in the United States.  We appreciate any and all support we receive.  May the One True and Just God, the God of Israel bless you.  Please support The Levite Line in serving the God of Israel as He commanded at Mount Sinai over three millennia ago.