58 Century

It is the twenty-first century according to the Gregorian calendar. If you look on the bottom of the pages of www.TheLeviteLine.com, you can see three other dates on the bottom of each of the pages of this website. These four dates represent the Hebrew, Chinese, Gregorian, and the Muslim calendars, respectively. The first of the four dates on the bottom of each page is the Hebrew calendar. What is extremely difficult to understand is Christianity's virtually unanimous lack of acknowledgement of the Hebrew/Jewish calendar. For even the most basic understanding of Jesus, one would need to recognize that Jesus lived and guided his life by this calendar. The Old as well as the New Testaments reference Biblical holidays such as Passover. The New Testament references holidays such as Hannukah, (which certain Bibles designate as the Feast of Rededication) being commemorated by Jesus. In fact, Jesus is referred to as "King of the Jews" in the New Testament. Christianity which in certain circles has created catchy phrases such as "What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)?" should recognize that what most "Christians" celebrate is what Jesus would not do.

The fact remains that Jesus lived and guided his life based upon God's calendar as laid out in the first 5 Books of the Bible, as given to Moses, a Levite, as well as to all the Israelites. Christianity has rightly associated this calendar with the Jewish people as well as the Jewish religion. What remains a sad fact for the overwhelming majority of followers of the Christian faith is that rather than be associated with anything perceived as Jewish, Christians have preferred to rename pagan holidays (Christmas and Easter), call them "Christian," and in effect make a mockery of Jesus, as well as the God of Israel, the God of the Bible.

We here at The Levite Line believe that amongst the community of Christians are the "Lost Tribes of Israel." Whether most Christians believe this or not, or even whether this is true or not, Christianity with very few and far between exceptions have and continue to reject any practice considered "Jewish". We at The Levite Line could and would respect this, if ALL Jewish practices were false and un-Biblical, but they are not. The lack of respect and concern for objective "truth" is frankly unacceptable. Yet Christianity has "flourished" with this attitude. Flourished like a house of cards. A house that will eventually collapse.

One example is the following: A young man of Jewish background went to a Lutheran church, considering belief in Jesus and in Christianity. While discussing the Sabbath, the young man asked, 'Which is it?' Meaning Saturday or Sunday. The pastor responded, 'We observe Sunday to be different than the Jews.' Nothing was mentioned about which was the seventh day. In fact this answer and other Christian/pagan practices force us at The Levite Line to conclude that the majority of the Christian world feel their hatred/dislike for Jews to be of greater significance than any respect for objective truth.

Hence we hope to see some people of courage acknowledge these realities and begin to stand up for themselves as well as against Christianty's well-organized anti-Semitism. There are many steps involved in this process and each individual will need to decide what step or steps they are willing and able to take and in what order. One step that should be done ASAP is to STOP giving these heathens your money. When they see this, and when you demand some respect for truth, and for who and what Jesus really was in the actions of Christians, things will change. As long as people continue to go along with this corrupt system, the corrupt system will NOT change.

There is a good chance that you will lose the respect and friendship and your social standing within these groups. You may well no longer be welcome amongst these heathens. Understand that this is the price you will very likely need to pay for taking a stand.

Please e-mail rlevik@verizon.net or call 310-871-7879 if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, it is up to you, and if not now, when?!?