This particular design, for this shirt, was inspired by a variety of factors.  One factor is the recently popular expression, "the new".  For example, "40 the new 30".  In this case,  "WOMEN The New MEN!".

Why, WOMEN The New MEN!?, you may ask.  We are living in an era where not only do ALL men expect equality, women are also demanding and achieving this basic right as well.  What often gets confused are the words as well as the ideas of equality and sameness.  While women should have the same rights as any man, a woman, by definition, is NOT a man.  A man, by definition, is NOT a woman.  Men and women are not the same.

As this illustration infers, a man has testicles (and a penis), a woman does not.  A woman has a vagina and ovaries, a man does not.  These are not accidental differences, nor are they insignificant.  Yet western/Christian/pagan society continues to expect men and women to be the same.  Hence this design and the accompanying phrase, WOMEN The New MEN!

Of course this shirt and this design can mean for you, whatever you see it as meaning and representing.If you like the design and its message please order one or more than one.  For all orders of 5 or more items call 310-871-7879 or e-mail rlevik@verizon.net for the appropriate discount.