Mission Statement

The mission of The Levite Line can be summarized in the following statement: The Levite Line seeks to reaffirm and rededicate the heart of God’s eternal covenant with all people, from the House of Israel & Judah, and All humankind.

The mission of The Levite Line is to establish the Levitical/Biblical priesthood worldwide contra distinct to the Roman Catholic priesthood or any other priesthood. Similar to the monasteries which house Catholic priests and monks, God established towns for the Levites, within the territories of each tribe of Israel.

There are a variety of causes for the collapse of this priesthood and these causes should be uncovered, analyzed and corrected. The responsibility for upholding the religious aspect of God’s covenant with the people of Israel fell upon the sons of Levi. Not coincidentally the word for heart in Hebrew is ‘lev’.

As stated in the Gospel of Luke 12:48.2 “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” This is often correctly understood in reference to material goods. However, being entrusted with God’s law and covenant is a full-time demand and expectations are justifiably high from both God and man as a result.

The harsh reality is that The Levite Line must start from scratch. At this point in history one would think independent schools would be in existence. One would think that the Hebrew/Biblical calendar would be acknowledged around the world. Instead there are no independent towns or schools. The Hebrew/Biblical calendar is given scant credence, even in much of the Jewish world, whose feasts and festivals are based upon this calendar. Again The Levite Line can only acknowledge and correct the sins of our fathers and move forward from this point. The idea that the Law of God is considered a burden, as is the theology and philosophy for much of Christianity, is in part a sad result of this failure.

The mission and the goal of The Levite Line is to begin to create a just, joyous, successful, caring, compassionate and free society. In this society God’s law would be understood as something wise and good to follow of one’s own free volition, without coercion. The challenges have always been great, and for the foreseeable future remain great. With the God of Israel as our guide, we believe no challenge is insurmountable!