Our 3 Newest Shirts

The Levite Line has developed 3 handsome and unique new shirts. These 3 shirts premiered this summer of 5771. They are as provocative as our previous shirts are well-known to be. Click on Shirts on the upper left just below The Levite Line logo to view all The Levite Line shirts, including the three new ones described below.

As with our previous shirts, bumper stickers, and handouts, the message may be provocative, however that is not their main purpose. The purpose is to educate and enlighten. The provocation is necessary because basic yet important issues are not taught, not understood, are suppressed and repressed. Hence a shirt with a simple message, which I'd first heard while I was quite young, remains quite necessary. This shirt and its message, combine humor with common sense (though not very common). This new design, all done on beautiful HIS polo shirts, says the following:

If SEX is a Pain in the A**,

You're Doing it the Wrong Way!

Provocative and eye-opening. Yes! However the message is educational, though some, particularly those who most need to heed this message, may well be offended. That is their right. However those offended should not and will not succeed in stifling this message.

As for the actual shirts, they are all on 100% Cotton polo shirts. The small and medium come in a down to earth olive green. The large, extra large, and double extra large come in white. There are also large and extra large in eye-catching bright orange. All shirts are adorned with The Levite Line signature fringe of matching color attached to the hemline of each shirt, with one blue fringe on each corner. This is a stylish way of following the commandment from the Book of Numbers 15:38 (See the Fringes Explained page for a more detailed explanation.).

How people interpret this shirt's message can vary. Most find the message humorous and bold. One of my main points, as someone who has been on the fringe of the “homosexual scene” for over 3 decades now, is to clarify that I personally do not engage in this type of behavior. Nor do I think that such behavior is healthy nor wise. Some choose to interpret this shirt's message that a slight adjustment is necessary when one engages in such an act. It is certainly one's prerogative, as to how anyone wishes to interpret this shirt's meaning.

The second of the three new shirts is also predominantly a verbal message, with some basic graphics. The front side of this second shirt states:

Wipe that STOOOPID (Stupid)


Off Your Face

On either side of the word Grin are two smiley faces. However neither one is smiling. Both have a straight line for its lips. On the back of this shirt in large letters and arched are the words, “Thank You.” Under this arch is a large smiley face. In this case the smiley face is smiling.

Once again this shirt can have as many different meanings as there are people, and even more than one meaning per person sometimes. As for myself, this shirt represents something I find annoying. For example, as a teacher for many years I oftentimes noticed students who came to class with large “pasted on” grins were quite often the most difficult. Possibly they were under the impression and expectation that they were in school to be entertained. However, I was there with the primary purpose to educate. Also people who are smiling all the time are usually not prepared for anything except happy, uplifting and pleasant news. Even if that were how I was feeling on a particular day, I do not care to be made to feel that I am expected to feel that way all the time. Basically I prefer people with a serious more stoic look. Ready to smile or to be compassionate, as well as a whole range of other emotions. People should be free to not only be happy, but to be unhappy or anything in between, if they choose to or if some reason, they have no choice.

These shirts are all 100% Cotton crew neck HIS shirts. This design comes in white and black. The white shirts are in small, medium, large and extra large. The black shirts are in large, extra large and double extra large.

The third shirt of new Summer 5771 lineup is a third and most likely final variation of the Sons of Jacob/ISRAEL shirt. The first version, some of you may recall (and all can see if you click on Shirts), was twelve stripes, alternating royal blue and white. However the fourth stripe was red, to represent Judah and blood. The eleventh stripe for Jacob's eleventh son was divided in half to represent Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph's two sons, who replace Levi as regular tribes withing the twelve tribes of Israel. Levi and his descendants were selected to handle all the various religious aspects and tasks of God's covenant with Israel's descendants. This stripe for Joseph and his two sons was also blue and white. A red line down the center of the flag was made to form a cross, representing the Messiah. Over the center of the cross was a sky blue Star of David, representing King David. The second version of this flag (also can be viewed under Shirts) added a pink stripe representing Benjamin, Jacob's twelfth and final son. Due to a history of homosexuality as well as homophobia from within as well as outside the tribe of Benjamin, from the Biblical Book of Judges up until Saul of Tarsus, renamed Paul in the New Testament letters or epistles. Whether prophetic, or coincidental, the birthstone color for Judah turns out to be a red, sardius stone. Benjamin's is a pink amethyst stone. For myself this is either a fascinating coincidence or it confirms God's hand in all of this. Others may not be so convinced. In any case, we now introduce the third and likely final version of the Sons Of Jacob/ISRAEL shirt.

This version has the same basic structure and design as the others. However this shirt is a multicolored rainbow style flag. Each stripe, including the half stripes for Ephraim and Manasseh, are now in the color of each tribes birthstone. Hence it is more representative of Israel, as God established, and as each tribe established it's unique vibrancy via the birthstone they selected. God's eternal covenant with all the people and tribes of Israel is reflected in this flag.

All these shirts are on 100% Cotton crew neck shirts in all sizes ranging from small to double extra large. There are also 100% Cotton polo shirts in large and extra large.

Our hope at The Levite Line is that you will order these for yourself and for your congregation. That is church, synagogue, mosque, temple and any other title your congregation uses. If Israel means something to you, then this shirt and the flag displayed on it cannot help but speak to you. Yes, some loud mouth may complain that this is not the flag of Israel or that there is a cross or a star of David on the shirt. Yes, both symbols are there together. For those truly interested in peace, this is THE shirt for you. However peace does not come easily and will never be achieved under our present system, as far as we at The Levite Line are concerned. You can try and just blend in to avoid conflict. Most of the powers that be in our current system and mentality love that. They love the mass mentality and despise individuality. Personally, I and I believe God prefer the opposite. We should encourage, develop, appreciate, and celebrate our individuality and our differences as well as our similarities.

With this shirt, you can stand up to loud mouth bullies and stand out, or they continue to win. In fact they have been winning for this long because people have allowed them to win. Courage is needed, there is no easy road at this stage of history nor was there ever going to be.

By the way, The Levite Line is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in California. Hence all contributions are tax deductible on your California state taxes. Very soon we will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization nationwide in the USA.