I have just (self) published a book entitled, OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor…+.  If you find The Levite Line website thought provoking and interesting, then I am certain you will find this book even more so.  A portion of all book sales will go to support the work, the goals, and the dreams of The Levite Line; that of bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth, as God originally outlined it.
Currently I have just my one copy.  I’ve gone over it, again, and everything is in order.  Hence I will be ordering more books.  The best way to obtain a copy of OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor…+ is through the publisher at  You can also order through Author House by phone at 1-800-839-8640 any hour beginning Mondays 10 AM through Friday 7 PM.   You can also find OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor…+ on all major online booksellers including Amazon.
I hope all the visitors and those who have joined The Levite Line recently and previously will purchase a copy.  You will not only help support the cause, you will be encouraged to speak your mind and find your own unique individual voice.
Please click on this link or call 1-800-839-8640 any hour between Monday 10 AM and Friday 7 PM.  Or if you prefer go to  I do receive 10% more on purchases through though.
Thank you and may God Bless and Keep You.