Positive People

I have felt the need to write this for a while now.  As I often find that if I do what I feel and what is best for me I risk offending many.  Well then I will offend away, at this point.  I tried for too many years, decades in fact not to offend.  I mean I had to, to keep a job.  Time after time after time I found that “offending” was usually as simple a matter as speaking the truth or speaking my truth.  The conclusion I have reached is that most people have no interest in “truth”.  Well I do.  I also know that the truth hurts, from personal experience.  However what would be the option?  If the truth hurts does that mean that lies feel good?  What about truth and lies all intertwined?  If lies and half-truths are what I am drawn to, when I step back from myself, I can see that such feelings and attitudes are not good for me, even if “everyone” says they are.  And believe you me, “everyone” and the “everyone” crowd tells me time and again that what is bad for me is good for me and vice versa.  I have slowly disengaged myself from such people and crowds.  This is why I am no longer Jewish or Christian, thank God and thank you Jesus and thanks to my own efforts and understanding of these mind-controlling, emotion-controlling cults.  Most of who speak in these pluralities of “we”, ‘everyone” and “everybody” when they speak of their fellow Jews or fellow Christians.  Assuming that ALL Jews or ALL Christians think and believe the same.  Then they make that the reality, because if one dares to disagree they will tell you that you are NOT a Jew or NOT a Christian.  Having experienced this too often I now reassert that I am neither a Jew nor a Christian.  I decide what I believe and the “we” crowd will not dictate to me what I must believe, think, wear, or whom I am allowed to have sex with or how to have sex, etc.


My main point in writing this was to address the issue of what I call “Positivism.”  The many, many, many people who claim to think positively, who see the glass as half-full, who are optimists, who only look on the bright side.  They would be fine if they respected those, like myself, who do not think positively.  First of all, who the Hell do these many people think they are to dare tell me how to think.  Yet for example, my last couple of years when I was teaching I was in 2 different schools, in 2 teachers lounges where that oh so innocent phrase was posted on a big sign saying, ‘Only Positive Thinking Allowed Here.’  I often thought as a Math teacher, which I was and still am, that one achieves “balance” when one puts -5 together with +5, for example.  In other words, the negative and the positive combine to create balance.  This positivism rejects the negative side of things, simply because it is negative.  Hence people are not ready for death (or life) because it is negative.  Cancer and all sorts of diseases and wars surround us presently and throughout history.  All are quite negative, but all quite real.  These annoying, arrogant, selfish and spoiled/abused/abusive people want us to ignore (be ignorant of) such reality.  Hell no (Hell of course is another “negative” concept which people are brain-washed to neither research or speak about and sometimes refrain from saying the word)!


One main problem with positive people is their arrogant belief that their attitude and thinking is both the norm and what the rest of us should strive for.  And the minute, the second you are negative around these bastards they will tear you/me to pieces, which is not very positive I find.  Yet it feels like only I seem to notice, especially amongst much of white (and American black) society.  That is OK, because I do notice even though the ‘we’ and ‘every body’s’ never seem to.


I was at a seminar recently about Flipping Houses, for which I paid $2000 to attend.  The first presentation in Marina del Rey was informative, logical and educational.  I moved from that area shortly after and the closest 3 Day workshop to where I lived was in Ontario, CA.  Maybe they approach people there differently, because this was like a pep rally.  It was not at all educational, but mind and thought and emotion controlling.  In fact early on the main presenter demanded that we all agree to think only positively.  Everyone agreed, except me.  Because I do not think positively, I think realistically.  First of all, to be told how and within what limits one is allowed to think within is NOT thinking.  That is called brain-washing.  And while I firmly believe that this starts or is most pronounced within religion, particularly traditional Judeo-Catholic, it filters out into all other areas of society from there (as I mentioned earlier in 2 public schools, for example) as in this seminar.  This is like the glass half full garbage.  You know what; the glass is also half empty.  While I can and should appreciate the half a glass that I have full I also want to know why the other half is empty?  By asking and then answering this question, I can eventually end up with a full glass, I firmly believe.  Just noticing the half empty glass to these Goddamned positive people, is negative and they stand in my way (and maybe yours) belittling, mocking, ridiculing, laughing at and trying to stifle anyone for noticing this reality.  They have nearly succeeded, because as I’ve mentioned in these examples, these “positive” people are not with insignificant influence.  This positive sickness and so many other sicknesses that are the result of this in our allegedly great western civilization is pervasive. 


Having walked into and escaped the many traps these creeps lay, I can only now begin to challenge and pray for the destruction of such annoying, useless, egomaniacal, arrogant, self-righteous, pretentious, mind-controlling, emotion-controlling creeps.  At this point I can only pray that each and every annoying, cowardly, bullying allegedly positive person will become homeless.  Then they can finally have some REAL problems, instead of the things they consider problems, usually things that have no physical impact on their meaningless and empty lives.  I believe they do this to keep others on the defensive and to keep secret just how empty and meaningless and abusive their lives actually are behind their white picket fence.  My heart does NOT go out to them, because I know they are heartless bastards, as their pagan religion trained and demanded they be.  Hence I pray that they starve while homeless and in the gutter.  Their idea of God is completely unacceptable, even if I should ‘accept the things I cannot change,’ as the Serenity Prayer advises.  My accepting, what I consider unacceptable does not mean I agree with and certainly I do not respect such a belief system as that promoted by the main religion of the western world.  While many of these people claim to believe in God and many I believe do, what does that lead to?  In most cases it leads to next to nothing.  Their faith mostly leads them to want to direct my life, once again I believe so that I won’t see the emptiness of their life.  First, of course I had to admit the emptiness of my life without God and without a God that requires some actions outside the public eye and who offers healthy limits.  In other words, my God and God in general does not offer “unconditional” love.  Once again pretty words, said in a ‘positive’ tone and NOT to be questioned or thought about.  Well I have questioned and I have thought about them.  Nothing in either scripture, or common sense would make God a God of “unconditional” love.  Never mind the Torah or Old Testament and the do’s and don’ts outlined there, which such a theology/philosophy is a blatant attack on.  The Book of Revelation, the final book in any so called Christian Bible, has twice listed those who will ‘suffer the second death,’ in other words will go to Hell.  On these lists are murderers, liars, cowards, sexually immoral, idolaters, etc.  How the Hell does one claim to believe the Bible, Old and/or New Testament and claim to believe in a God of ‘unconditional’ love?  There are conditions and those who seriously violate God’s conditions and boundaries are threatened with Hell.  Personally I pray that after these positive bastards are in the gutter and starve out there and die out there, I pray they will be sent to Hell when God judges them.  I don’t want to go anywhere these sickening positive people go.  I don’t believe they will go to Heaven and I hope not.  Because I would like to go to Heaven and I would like Heaven to actually be Heaven.  People who in my opinion and experience make life on earth Hell, I pray they end up homeless and penniless (in other words without their real God, $$$$) and may they die that way and may they Burn in Hell.  They are right about the Bible and its significance, however they have mangled and inverted its message completely and I don’t believe they will admit to this, nor correct this.  Hence I can only wish for them to Burn in Hell.  This I pray and pray and pray in Jesus (Yeshua) the Jew’s Name.  AMEN.